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Engagement Rings

No two love stories are the same. For the engagement collection Sophie selects the diamond rings that she has designed over past seasons which are most precious to her, the rings that she has carried inside her, that stayed with her.

“I always wear the Grand Ensemble Ocean, given to me by my boyfriend, and I know I will wear it for the rest of my life.”

For Sophie, diamonds mean the world, representing the heavens and Earth: “Like holding a little star in your hand.” All engagement rings in the collection are made from 18 carat gold and ethically sourced highest-quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds.


Wedding bands

For the Bridal collection Bille Brahe introduces the names “Chere” and “Cher”, referring to pronouns used by lovers to address their second half in love letters. With its matching ring, each wedding band has been designed to form a perfect couple, finding harmony in the curve and diamond size and shape.

It is traditional to do wedding bands in plain gold. Sophie designs hers with diamonds in settings that mirror the collection’s engagement rings. In this way the diamonds in the two rings curve in harmony, fitting perfectly... like two lovers curled together.


Wedding Sets

" I was enthused by the declaration of love letters – how a paper and envelope fit perfectly together, like two lovers that are to get married.”

Our wedding sets feature engagement and wedding rings designed to fit perfectly together with a feeling of being close… like a love letter, the paper folded into an envelope. Or two lovers, their bodies curved in harmony, together.

Dried roses in vase.
Dried roses i vase.
Dried roses in folded vase.
Dried roses in folded vase.

Love Letters

If Sophie was to write a love letter it would be in the form of a bouquet of flowers. This bouquet is a collection of dried roses, put together over time - some received from a dear friend, others from her father's garden. Sophie sent this bouquet to her friend and photographer Nikolaj Møller.


Boquet of flowers in folded vase.

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Book a private appointment and one our jewellery specialist will be of assistance, helping you select the perfect piece.

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Hands featuring the Celestine diamond ring.


For Sophie Bille Brahe, diamonds have a magical mystical quality, representing both heaven and Earth. To her they resemble glittering stars, yet are formed deep in the Earth’s crust.

In this way, diamonds form a link between the sky and earth. “You feel you have something heavenly and earthly. Like holding a little star in your hand.”

Our Bridal collection features “brilliant cut” Top Wesselton VVS diamonds, which means the stones have been cut to have many facets – for maximum sparkle and beauty.

All rings with a solitaire diamond of 0.30 ct and above will include a GIA certificate for that specific stone.

We are committed to sourcing sustainably-mined and conflict-free diamonds and work with suppliers who can provide Kimberley Process Certification.

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Portrait image of Sophie Bille Brahe


We offer a bespoke design service. If you want an engagement ring that tells your love story, or would like to be part of the design process – or would simply like to alter a piece from the collection, we can help.

We will work closely with you throughout, talking over design ideas, and offering support and advice. We love creating one-off-pieces to be cherished and handed down as precious heirlooms.

The timeframe for a bespoke piece is 6-8 weeks, and there is a minimum spend of €10,000. Contact us to get the process started.

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Image of hands featuring Grand Ensemble Ocean and Ensemble Escargot diamond rings.

Maintenance & Repairs

All pieces purchased from Sophie Bille Brahe come with a two-year warranty. During this period, we will carry out all maintenance free of charge. That covers cleaning, rethreading and repairs. After the two-year warranty expires, a fee will be applied.

To use this service please contact us at If you purchased your Sophie Bille Brahe piece from one of our stockists, please reach out to them directly.

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