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Toi, Moi, Nous Sommes

"For this collection, I wanted the rings to connect with each other, like two lovers. It’s you and me, perfect for each other and better together."

– Sophie Bille Brahe

Engagement Rings

With the Toi, Moi, Nous Sommes pieces, Sophie evolves the Bridal collection and presents three additional engagement rings, which perfectly capture the notion of two becoming one.

Furthermore, with this collection, Sophie takes a conscious step towards laying the foundation for a more sustainable and ethical practice by introducing traceable diamond center stones and recycled gold.


Wedding Bands

Discover wedding bands designed to mirror the collection’s engagement rings. In this way, the two rings curve in harmony, fitting perfectly... like two lovers curled together.

In addition, Sophie presents two three-sided diamond bands for both him and her - perfectly matching.


Wedding Sets

" I was enthused by the declaration of love letters – how a paper and envelope fit perfectly together, like two lovers that are to get married.”

Our wedding sets feature engagement and wedding bands, designed to fit perfectly together with a feeling of being close.


Traceable Diamonds

With Toi, Moi, Nous Sommes, Sophie challenges conventional practices within the jewellery industry as this is the first collection to contain traceable centre stones.

Traceable diamonds offer solid assurances of a conflict-free status for the stones and ensure the traceability into every step of a gemstone’s journey.

Working with precious stones is such a privilege – one that Sophie Bille Brahe does not take lightly, and the ability to trace the route of diamonds, gives a tangible solution to bring transparency.

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No two love stories are the same.

Grande Nous Sommes wedding band for him with Nous Sommes wedding band for her, both placed on an envelope
Toi Emeraude diamond engagement ring with its matching Toi Diamant wedding band

Sophie Bille Brahe