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No two love stories are the same.

For the engagement collection, Sophie selects the diamond rings that she has designed over past seasons which are most precious to her, the rings that she has carried inside her, that stayed with her. “I always wear the Grand Ensemble Ocean, given to me by my boyfriend, and I know I will wear it for the rest of my life.”

For Sophie, diamonds mean the world, representing the heavens and Earth: “Like holding a little star in your hand.” 

Engagement Rings

For Sophie Bille Brahe, diamonds have a magical mystical quality, representing both heaven and Earth. To her they resemble glittering stars, yet are formed deep in the Earth’s crust. In this way, diamonds form a link between the sky and earth.

All engagement rings in the collection are made from 18K certified recycled gold and ethically sourced highest-quality Top Wesselton VVS diamonds.


Wedding Bands

Discover wedding bands designed to mirror the collection’s engagement rings. In this way, the two rings curve in harmony, fitting perfectly... like two lovers curled together.

Combine the pair or wear a wedding ring simply and elegantly on its own.


“I’m by your side and holding your hand."

- Nick Cave

Sophie Bille Brahe