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Daydreamer Magazine

Sophie Bille Brahe presents the fourth edition of her magazine; Daydreamer, Winter 2023.

Will be included complimentary with all jewellery orders in December.

Perfect Gifts

"I cherish this feeling when you find the perfect gift for the ones you love. The greatest presents say something about you or your relationship with someone, they carry a deep connection. That’s what makes them so special." - Sophie Bille Brahe

Lettre de Lumière

Explore Sophie's most personal collection, allowing you to wear the symbol of your beloved.

Cellophane Clouds

"I’ve dreamt about crafting Murano objects for many years – it’s been an elongated aspiration. For me, it’s a prolongation of the jewellery. It’s a true reflection of my universe”. - Sophie Bille Brahe

Private Appointment

Discover our fine jewellery collection in New York, Nov 29th - Dec 5th.